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HalfCast Podcast

Cram it up your ears!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Halfcast Episode 17

The HalfCast Podcast, otherwise known as The H******t Podcast on iTunes, is the world’s first i-doser suppository. Get your skull all jazz f**ked on noises by simply placing your ear buds inside of your rectum. Allow a good half hour for the sounds to melt into your binaural-sphincter. That is all.


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Playlist Episode 17

Art of Noise – BackBeat
Monkey Brothel I
Jeff Beal – Blizzard
Carter Burwell – My Suicide, Your Homicide
Victim of Sexual Abuse
Parenthetical Girls – A Song For Ellie Greenwich
Cumedy Gold
My Kingdom for a beer
Jacques Siroul – See
Jesus H. Tumour
What’s that Sound?
Gun Club – Sex Beat
Monkey Brothel II
The Evil One
So So
Wade Tonken – Loving You
Footprints in the Sand
A. C. Ducey – Beer Beer Bottla Beer
Cat love
Super Lesbian Power Team
Shpongle – nothing is Something worth doing
Belle & Sebastian – Judy is a Dickslap
Beautiful Stalker
Grant Moros – Illuminus Rites
Upsidedown Circle
Cine Mad in Chaos – Wushu-upe
Victim of an Online Scam
The Books – Excess Straussess
Pill Em All
+ Unconditional Guarantee

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